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Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

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Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

About us

It all began in 1982 ... The founder Dr. Safuh Zen Abeden, took the name of the Arab Scientist Avicenna, Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn adbuallah Ibn Sina commonly known as Ibn Sina or by his Latinized name Avicenna, was a Persian physician and philosopher.
Avicenna wrote almost 450 treatises on a wide range of subjects, of which around 240 have survived. In particular 150 of his surviving treatises concentrate on philosophy and 40 of them concentrate on medicine. His most famous works is The Book of Healing, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and “The Canon of Medicine”, which was a standard medical text at many medical universities as Montpellier and Louvain as late as 1650. Avicenna Canon of Medicine provides a complete system of medicine according to the principles of Galen (and Hippocrates).
Avicenna Labs for Pharmaceutical Industries is an integrated research based national pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of quality, affordable generic medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. It is considered as the 2nd oldest pharmaceutical company in Syria. The Company has a regional footprint in 5 countries.
The Avicenna Labs company has emphasized the importance of high quality throughout its more than 29-year history, ensuring that consumers return to Avicenna Labs products time after time. At the same time the Avicenna Labs system means that many medicinal elements can be easily combined in innumerable ways – and just as readily dismantled.
Also within the company, there is the department for the manufacturing of veterinary medicines for domestic animals.

In 1992, Ibn Sina got a certificate of G.M.P good manufacturing practice and started manufacturing the products according to this feature.
In 1994, we invented a successful method for preparation of ASPARTAME to effervescent tablet by itself without stirring and exporting it to 3 neighboring countries.
In 2000, we got the ISO international standard organization certificates in all its divisions, the Quality 9001, Environment 14001 and Work Safety 18001. In 2005, we established a new chemical department for manufacturing environmentally friendly products special for cars that succeeded in developing Car Octane technology which enhances the half-life time for gasoline consumption in cars.

In 2009, Avicenna Labs for Pharmaceutical Industries established a new branch (Avicenna Trading Center) specialized in importing all kinds of medical tools and equipments that required by hospitals and clinics to continue our successful way.
And today Avicenna Trading Center is the Master Distributor in the Middle East for G-Tech - Korea hands sterilizing equipments.
Avicenna Labs was able to become a competitive pharmaceutical company in the global market.
While other Syrian pharmaceutical companies focused only on in-licensing products from foreign companies, Avicenna Labs concentrated on developing domestic products through in-house API synthesis. This allowed Avicenna Labs to be successful in developing the competitive modified technology.
Avicenna Labs developed and marketed a wide range of products, all founded on the same basic philosophy of health care through best medicinal products.
President: Dr. Safuh Zen Abeden
Employee: 125
“Young company with 29 years of history, dramatically grows”
Our health care stimulates the imagination, the emergence of ideas, and creative expression. It is Avicenna Labs philosophy that “health care enriches a person’s life”. With this in mind, the Avicenna Labs has stayed true to its motto – Your safe health is the best investment. There are years of research and development that you would not find elsewhere. Health care is an ever-changing world, with treatments and procedures always advancing you need medicine that advances just as quickly. The company’s product R&D departments therefore work systematically with the evolution of healthcare.

By developing the market with low price-high quality products, Avicenna Labs has lowered the customers’ economic burden and become a part in stopping the outflow of foreign currency with its 70 different products.
Avicenna Labs invests 30% of the income amount in developing the method of producing Generic products.
This strategy was very successful and Avicenna Labs started to ‘shake’ the market with everybody referring to Avicenna Labs as ‘the developer of the Syrian style modified drug.”

Marketing and sales ability have shown through IT technology based activity,High quality sales and marketing based on IT technology is the driving force of Avicenna Labs growth along with Syrian market demands. Avicenna Labs has the capability of developing competitive products. Since 1990, our workers have devoted countless days for the development and perfection of our products. Avicenna Labs has longed for a system which minimizes document work and puts sales representatives closer to the customers.
Avicenna Labs was able to increase the quality gap with other companies by working to achieve ‘Sales revolution’ by closing all sales stores, allowing the representatives to work at home, and specifying the teams into groups with the power to make decisions.
We were also able to achieve higher quality in sales through the sales representatives’ participation in a 3 day-training program where a successful experience (case study) is shared.
Being the first to successfully apply the automatic sales system (SFA) using PDAs in the pharmaceutical market made this kind of change possible.
We were able to achieve ‘speed’ sales by making it possible for sales representatives, who act as a mobile office, to get orders and proceed with payments in the field.
Avicenna Labs way of selling and marketing products in a position as close to the customers as possible using our IT technology, is analyzed and benchmarked by many other companies.
Avicenna Labs is continuously working on becoming a global pharmaceutical company based on our experience in becoming one of the largest companies in Syria in 29 years, with the Syrian type R&D strategy and high quality marketing and selling.

Mission & Vision
Avicenna Labs mission is ‘To become a Research-based International Pharmaceutical Company’. The Company is driven by its vision to ‘Achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products by 2020 with a strong presence in developed markets’.

The Company will also increasingly focus in high growth potential segments like Vaccines and Biogenerics. These new areas will add significant depth to the existing product pipeline.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001
Plaster machine
Filling machine Tubes within the ointments and creams Department
Filling machine drops of fluid within the department
Filling machine ointments and creams
Canning machine within the department Alkrtnh
Lighten cartons machine
Labels Machine
Mixer within the cylindrical disks section
Majans within the mixer section ointments
Studies and research
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