Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

Come Get Healthier With Us

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The pharmaceutical industry witnessed a remarkable development in Syria in the last ten years and has spread in most of the drugs Syrian neighbors very quickly because of good reliability and good reputation it has acquired. It was us in the laboratories of Avi Cenna Pharmaceutical Industries, the most important role in the development of the pharmaceutical industry in our beloved country through our several hubs can be summarized as follows: We work in the field of human and veterinary medicine we focus on the health aspect was safe for our products through our follow-up of permanent international developments in this area and research results of modern scientific and medical conferences and draw conclusions through the Office of Avi Cenna's scientific we are developing our product to live up to the global level adequate pharmaceutical industry in Syria . Constant attention to work in our labs team since the moment of choosing for workers with high academic qualifications and professional experience and good training and continue to keep pace with modern scientific methods in the manufacture of medicine and the attention to sterilization and control the quantities of raw materials and control of quality standards in production. Continue laboratories Avi Cenna Pharmaceuticals search for products which are popular internationally and locally produced study we provide the local cost of the Syrian citizen is acceptable.

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Plaster machine
Filling machine Tubes within the ointments and creams Department
Filling machine drops of fluid within the department
Filling machine ointments and creams
Canning machine within the department Alkrtnh
Lighten cartons machine
Labels Machine
Mixer within the cylindrical disks section
Majans within the mixer section ointments
مرض النقطة السوداء تعريفه - أسبابه - علاجه

مرض النقطة السوداء Black spot caused تعريفه – أسبابه – كيفية علاجه لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى تحميل ملف ال PDF المرفق . ...

daha fazla
داء السكري

داء السكري هو متلازمة تتصف باضطراب الاستقلاب وارتفاع شاذ في تركيز سكر الدم الناجم عن عوز هرمون الأنسولين، أو انخفاض حساسية الأنسجة للأنسولين،...

daha fazla
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  • قائمة أسعار المستحضرات البيطرية 2018

مختبرات ابن سينا للصناعات البيطرية TEL: 4419185 - FAX: 4471560 EMAIL : ... daha fazla

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