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Neurosina Fort
Neurosina Fort

Therapeutic Category
Vitamins and minerals
Pharmaceutical Form

Composition each coated tablet contains:
Vit.B1 250 mg.
Vit.B6 250 mg.
Vit.B12 1000 mcg.
Properties The combination of these vitamins is very essential for the neurotic metabolism. It gives obvious analgesic effect when treatment is given in high doses which lead to quick recruitment. NEUROSINA has big importance in proteins and nucleotides metabolism.
Indications NEUROSINA is indicated for the treatment of neurology and other diseases accompanied by functional metabolic disorders and can be affected by vitamin B complex.
• polyneuropathies such as diabetic polyneuritis - peripheral alcoholic polyneuritis.
• Drug-induced neuropathies especially for certain type such as after administration of dianicolyte.
• Post-influenza conditions of nerves.
• Treatment of neuritis and neuralgia of the peripheral spinal nerves, especially for trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, cervical syndrome, lumbago , facial paresis and cardiac disease due to vitamin B1 deficiency.
Contra-indications hypersensitivity to the drug or one of its components.
Precautions none
Incompatibilities patients who are treated with L-dopa should not take NEUROSINA Forte. High doses of vitamin B6 may attenuate L-dopa action.
Side effects it may cause some allergy.
Dosage one coated tablets 2 – 3 times daily after meals, or as directed by the physician.
Package box of 20 coated tablets in two blisters. Each blister contains 10 dark red tablets with a leaflet inside.
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